Shocking Video: ‘I Will Convert Tirumala Into Church’

Posted : October 30, 2014 at 1:25 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Religion is meant to be a form of living and not exactly a marketing business where higher the numbers, greater the achievement. But for some reason, there are those individuals who tend to go on a mission to convert anyone and everyone into their religion. Something like that has come to light in the holy place of Tirumala.

A man who names himself as Sudheer claimed to be a pastor and he went all the way to Ananda Nilayam in Tirumala. Not stopping at that, he mentioned in the video that there are thousands of people who come to seek peace and their prayers to be answered in Tirumala but face lot of difficulties. And he is there to spread the word of God and convert them to his religion and show them the path.

All this was discovered by a video which came on the ABN channel as he recorded all his activities of conversions in Tirumala and sent it to a few groups in the US. He also asked for foreign funds such that he can convert Tirumala into Church in future. The NRI Hindus who got hold of this video were flabbergasted and criticized the TTD staff on their inability when such a thing was happening right under their nose. However, the endowments minister of AP Manikyala Rao reportedly revealed he got to know of the incident very late and has promised such a thing will never repeat again.