Shocking Reason behind Attack on Sampoo

Posted : April 8, 2014 at 8:42 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Apparently the reason between the ugly fight that took place between few high profile youths with Sampoornesh Babu and his director Steven Shankar seems to be a ‘regional’ issue. With Sampoo hailing from Telangana region, the youths are literally upset as to why the director made fun film with a Telangana based hero. What’s irony is Telangana youth didn’t even spare actor Sampoornesh Babu who stepped in to save his director.

When Sampoornesh Babu and his director Steven Shankar are spending time at a hotel in Jubilee Hills, few youths attacked the director and beaten him up severely. A few reports revealed that the youths are Telangana based and they are upset that Steven Shankar portraying their hero as a ‘joker’ on screen. Popular producer-director Tammareddy Bharadwaj reacted on this Telangana factor behind attack on Sampoo’s director.

“It is not ethical to ask director Steven why he made a fun-film with a Telangana hero like Sampoornesh? Even though Sampoo is a Telanganite, he got huge name with Steven’s movie, and T-people should appreciate the director rather beating him that way,” said Tammareddy, requesting all political parties from Telangana to condemn the attack.

“If the situation is like this now, it is scary to imagine the future. Even there are 1.5 Crore settlers in Telangana now, and situation will worsen if Telangana youth resorts to violence,” he adds. “Movies are beyond regional, language, cultural disparities, and are universal. All Telugu people should be like brothers, but not with this hatred.”