Shocking budget for RGV Ice Cream

Posted : July 15, 2014 at 7:11 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Even blockbuster results are providing losses to producers of late because of rise in production cost and remunerations. Interestingly, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma announced that his latest release ‘Ice Cream’ that got poor response has already entered into profit zone. Shockingly, RGV revealed budget spent on Ice Cream was just Rs 2,11,832.

RGV said, “Before starting Ice Cream, I called on each and every artist and technician for a meeting. There I told them to give payment if and only if the movie provides profits. We didn’t use any Lights, Track Trallies, Jimmy Jibs, Study Cams and other production cost hiking equipments. We made the movie with a cheap equipment Gimbal Camera. As we experimented with Flow Cam technology, production unit members count decreased by 90%. Everybody used to bring food from their houses. Even costumes of Navdeep and Tejaswini were of their own.
Only reason for the good openings according to me is the way we promoted the movie. The investment of Rs 2,11,832 was actually spent for house rent, teas and coffees. Good thing is the house owner liked the way we have presented his house and has accepted to take part in Ice Cream 2.
We are distributing payments of actors and technicians on 15th of this month at Ice Cream success meet. I wish you will take part in the event.”
So, Ice Cream 2 is on cards. Hope, RGV comes up with good concept this time!