Sharmila’s Cheap Remarks Backfires!

Posted : May 5, 2014 at 12:38 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Given Pawan Kalyan’s death blow to YSR Congress in Seemandhra as the TDP-BJP-Janasena ‘force’ is simply spearheading all the surveys and predictions of political analysts, YS Jagan’s sulking sister Sharmila is now throwing cheap punches and silly jokes at Pawan, Naidu and Modi.

“Naidu and Pawan are like newly married couple, and they keep praising each other without any shy or limit. And Balakrishna is like he will twirl his moustache and slam his thighs when Naidu asks to do so,” said Sharmila at a road-show in East Godavari district. One is wondering about Sharmila’s humourous attitude as she ended up throwing cheap lines. Being a woman, it is more insulting that she compares the collusion of two like-minded powerful people with a marriage. None of the common public around Sharmila’s convoy laughed for these cheap lines, while YSRC cadres tried to pull some laughs on their faces hardly.

This comment indirectly highlighted how much respect Sharmila is having towards marriage. Earlier YSR did more Bhajana of Rahul Gandhi and declared that he is committed to make Rahul as Prime Minister of India. Will Sharmila now say that YSR is a bridegroom running after a top-class bride? Time for her to stop her mindless mudslinging.