I am a shameless actor : Sharukh khan

Posted : May 15, 2014 at 6:50 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


King Khan Sharukh khna admits in his interview that he is not just an actor but also a shameless actor, when considered to his co stars he acts a bit different and he said many more interesting facts about his personal life and also speaks about his film debut.

“I am happy with my fame: I would miss leaving my house and not having people waiting for me, I would miss people waving to me, I am happy being loved. I want no privacy; I shamelessly want to be a star, I think it’s the most beautiful thing to be,” said Sharukh in an award function. “I am so happy that people don’t give me time to have lunch alone! I would rather have all this.

Given the choice I would do it all over again, I came from a lower middle class family, and we had a lot of issues in terms of money, but I saw my parents work very hard to educate me so because of that, I have never been attached to material goods. I have the big houses, amazing cars, the best boxes in the stadiums; people really pamper me. But if I had none of that, and I just had my acting, then I would be happy.”