Senior Hero’s Ugadi Pickle – Where Is It?

Posted : March 29, 2014 at 11:33 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Our hero promised that he will give the best ‘pickle’ this Ugadi for Telugu audiences. And when the audiences are expressing doubts about his pickle, he always condemned them, saying that they should get ready to taste the sweet, bitter, sour and spicy taste of his latest flick that day.

We are talking about Akkineni family’s ‘Manam’ that is missing from the action, which was earlier promised by actor-producer Nagarjuna for this Ugadi on March 31st. With just two days to go for the festival there is not even trailer release of the movie and there is no scope for anyone to believe that they will watch movie on Ugadi day. After stressing quite hard about March 31st release, why did Nag went back?

Some say that our hero wants to hit screens during a clean time after these elections and IPL are over. Few sources indicated that movie’s post production is yet to be wrapped up, and Nag is right now editing and re-editing certain parts of flick where he felt little unsatisfied. Whatever the reason maybe, for now no one knows where Manam is. Nag, where is it?