Sekhar Kammula Shares ‘Sympathy’ Angle

Posted : April 23, 2014 at 12:42 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
We have asked director Sekhar Kammula umpteen times as to why he is removing the ‘pregnancy’ of his lead girl in Anamika. And after months, here comes the ‘sympathy’ answer from him that looks more patchy and silly.

After unveiling the audio of Anamika, the official remake of super hit Hindi movie ‘Kahaani’, director Sekhar Kammula shared few interesting things. In the original, Vidya Balan plays  the role of months old pregnant who starts searching for her missing husband with that bulging belly. But in Telugu version, Nayantara will not be wearing any such ‘pregnancy’ look. Sekhar says that making the lead character as pregnant will invoke sympathy but nothing else. Oh really, is there that sympathy angle?

Actually when Vidya Balan reveals during climax of Kahaani that she is just faking pregnancy to take revenge on villains, that moment looks heroic and audiences are thrilled to the max. But there is no sympathy element like what Sekhar is talking about. Probably his creativity might have advised him to cut that pregnancy thing. Is he wrong or right? Wait for Anamika’s release.