Security Guard Shocks IT Employees

Posted : November 6, 2014 at 4:44 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


When the real estate boom took over the city of Hyderabad some really bizarre things began to happen. Milkmen, shepherds, ordinary farmers became crorepatis overnight as their land prices began to skyrocket and a very crazy mania took over. Now, the same scene is repeating around the new capital city Vijayawada.

News is that one security guard who was working for an IT Company has given a major shock to the IT employees of that company. Apparently, he is working as a guard here in Hyderabad and his monthly salary is around 6k-8k per month. However, he had a land of 2.5 acres in the surroundings of proposed AP Capital.

This was inherited by him from his father. He has now sold that land and guess how much he got for that? A whopping Rs 4 crores. With this single deal, his whole life has changed so now the security guard has decided to go back to his native and open a supermarket. That way, those who have pieces of land in the radius of 50 kms- 60 kms around Vijayawada, their lives are taking a U-turn.