RGV’s love for KCR surfaces again!

Posted : July 24, 2014 at 10:50 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


One never know who will come under the good books of Ram Gopal Varma. Before elections, before the launch of Pawan’s Jana Sena Party, he totally concentrated on Pawan Kalyan and almost gave him the position of God. Ofcourse RGV is an atheist. Those were the days when, RGV wasn’t tired of singing praise of Pawan and his genuinity. Later, after the formation of Telangana State, his focus suddenly shifted to KCR. His series of tweets show sheer admiration (?) and celebration of power.

Once again the creative director is back to KCR. His recent tweets too reveal his admiration for the CM and in a way also are targetted to affirm his nativity. Since he is born and brought up in Telangana region, he asserts that he is a Telanganite at heart. Hi even tries to compare KCR with CBN and says the latter has to learn from KCR to be a better leader. This is how he tweeted. Let’s have a glance.

“The way kcr is doing i feel.is he is better than bal thacarey nd gandhi nd i dearly hope CB learns” “Not that i care that CB learns becos at heart i am telangana cos i am from here in telangana as born and brought up in telangana”