RGV Sparks New Row

Posted : July 30, 2014 at 7:48 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Notwithstanding the success or failure of his films, Ram Gopal Varma is the trend-setting filmmaker. Director-producer Varma has recently surprised one and all with his ‘no-budget’ film Ice Cream and paved a path for parallel cinema. Now Varma is all set to foray into new business. He has announced a novel way for the distribution of films. According to this, anyone can buy a film through auctions. Films will be auctioned theatres-wise in filmauction.in website.

RGV said, “We’d like to increase the participation of people in the business of film. Earlier, buyers used to buy films. Now anyone can buy films through auctions in filmauction.in which will come into force from August 1. There will be some fixed price considering the range of theatre. People who buy above the range will be given exhibition rights of the film. The money garnered through collections will be directly credited into the account of the person who bought the rights. We will put the figures of collections in online through for every show of the film.” Varma added, “Every business has risks and so cinema. 90% of films are failing at Box Office only because of the lack of proper understanding. The main idea is to present a film to audience by breaking the system of distribution. And that doesn’t mean we’re avoiding distributors. Even they can participate in the film auctions and buy the films.”

As part of the experiment, RGV is going to start this new procedure with his next film which has Vishnu Manchu in the lead. Vishnu Manchu said, “This is Ram Gopal Varma’s idea. This is going to be implemented only after thorough consultations with legal experts and this is strictly legal. One has to pay minimum amount to participate in the auction. If they don’t buy the film, their amount will be returned.”

This trend is going to set tremors among film distributors, film fraternity as it is challenging the existing “high-handedness” in film distribution. We hear that RGV is going to face high resistance for this novel concept. Trade experts opine that Varma is stirring up hornet’s nest. When asked about this, RGV replied, “Whenever a new technique or concept is introduced, naturally there comes opposition. One has to understand that everyone will be benefitted with this.” Let’s wait and watch whether Varma going to spur any new controversy with this or not. Stay tuned.