Renu Desai shocks Pawan Kalyan!

Posted : November 16, 2014 at 7:13 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Yes! Renu Desai the ex-wife of Power Star of Pawan Kalyan has now shocked all. She has always been on Pawan’s side, leaving behind what all happened and she declared that he is a very good human being. She has always supported Pawan in thick and thin in his career and also in any work he does. But its time they have even split in the political support.

As we all know that Pawan has declared his support publicly to the alliance of BJP and TDP. The actual reason was Pawan was attracted to Modi’s mania and even met him before the general elections. However, even Modi has a special love for Pawan.  After Modi asked to support the party and go for a campaign, Pawan immediately planned and done in support of BJP.

So, Renu Desai has now put her political support up against the BJP tweeting her thoughts in support of a party that is against BJP.  Renu Desai told that BJP has been breaking the promises it made during the election campaign. She made these comments because once BJP told that what may be the situation also they will not go with the NCP but stunningly they are in support of NCP. So, she expressed her grief about a political party cheating again!