Rajamouli’s insights on RGV’s Ice Cream model

Posted : July 20, 2014 at 1:46 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Lately maverick director Ram Gopal Varma created a lot of sensation not only for his movie ‘Ice Cream’ but also for envisioning a proposed parallel film industry. He even prophesied the collapse of the present industry and laughed at the idea of pouring in crores of producer’s money into dust when film making can be mutually beneficial to both the producer and the crew. He explained in detail, how he used his proposed concept in the making of ‘Ice Cream’ leaving many wondering on the freshness of the idea but it was a bit shocking too.

RGV released a video for the aspiring film makers which was uploaded on YouTube on his proposals for a parallel film industry. After watching this video, ironically creative director Rajamouli who is popular for making films with huge budgets gave his insights on RGV’s proposed structure of film making. Rajamouli thus tweeted that he has watched the video three times since last night and he opined that every aspiring film maker must watch it too.

He further tweeted…1. “This can be a foundation for a parallel film industry which can even challenge the traditional one in a few years time. 2. “Money and establishment is not required to make a film, but a story and determination. @RGVzoomin shows you how.” 3. “And don’t take Ice Cream as an example for its content..but as a working model”. But for the third one, the first two tweets talk on the feasibility of such a parallel system in the film industry lauding RGV for his brain. If you can read between lines, the last tweet bluntly says that ‘Ice Cream’ is not an example for good content. Hmm… don’t you agree?