Press Club Website Hacked

Posted : October 9, 2014 at 8:50 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


The latest website to fall prey to the hackers is Press Club of India’s official site. The Press Club of India site was hacked on Thursday on the name of “Team Cyber Warriors”.

Along with posting anti-Modi messages on PC’s website, they wrote: “Our Target is your Governement’s Websites … We will Inshalaah with The help of Many Muslim Hackers. Take You Off From The InterneT ! (sic) Your Credit Cards , Your Bank’s Account , Your Servers … Are In Danger !  We Never Forget what You Do against the Humanity … (sic)”.

“In Jammu and Kashmir Millions Of People Were Dead… , Pakistan’s Muslims Are Killed In The Force’s Attacks… Indian Forces Destroyed Kashmir’s Families …Killed Innocent Childrens … But No One Cares !!!! You Want To Stop Us !! But Let me guess ! Can a Men Catch a Shadow ?!, ” the post added.

The post also addressed separately to website admin, citizens. “Dear Admin : We Just Want To Publish Our Message ! Dear Citizen : Muslims Are Not Terrorist ! Dear President : You Can Use Your Guns …. But You Will One Day Stop … Not Because You Wouldn’t But Because You Couldn’t Anymore. We are Holders mask Hidden ! We are Muslims Forever ! (sic)”