Poor Jagan gets Taste of his Own Medicine!

Posted : May 27, 2014 at 12:52 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


A sigh of relief has finally come for YS Jagan in the form of Election Commission as YSR Congress Party got its due recognition. Notwithstanding it, already Nandyala MP SPY Reddy has quit the party before taking the oath and stated that he has joined TDP. SPY Reddy made it clear that he is even ready to face polls again. Pro-Jagan media started crying foul on this as if this hasn’t happened before!! It has been hell bent on spitting venom and trying its best to cover up the facts. Truth to be told, Jagan’s father-late CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy is an architect of “Operation Aakarsh” where he tried to do with TRS in 2009. Even Jagan did the same when he floated YSRCP and poached TDP, former PRP leaders. While Kodali Nani is the best example, Myasura Reddy, Roja too join the list. And the list goes on and on and on.

Now that one MP has joined TDP voluntarily, Jagan & Co is making huge fuss out of this and making baseless allegations and writing libelous articles. After all, this is just taste of Jagan’s own medicine. Mass exodus, crossing over of parties have been initiated by Mr Reddy. While this practice has been started by his father, it is continued by Jagan. In fact, Jagan even stated during election campaigning in 2014 that “There won’t be TDP”. What does it mean?? To one’s understanding it means either issuing a direct threat or indication of using the “Operation Aakarsh”. All this is now coming back to Jagan.

Despite YSRCP turning Recognition Party now, all is not well for the party. Many of its leaders are contemplating to join TDP soon. Jagan should stop blaming Chandra Babu and start reconciliation that why his leaders are quitting his party. It’s high time Jagan must introspect about his ruthless, rude attitude. Since danger is looming lagre on the horizon for Jagan in form of CBI cases, enormous corruption scandals he involved with, naturally there are wide apprehensions within YSRCP leaders. Future for its leaders appear dark, gloom which is compelling to cross over to TDP. For all the things that are happening in YSRCP, AP CM-designate Chandra Babu can’t be blamed. Time and again, Jagan seems to be doing the same mistake by often blaming TDP for his own mistakes.