When Pawan will question them?

Posted : July 9, 2014 at 7:36 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


While canvassing for the Assembly candidates of BJP-TDP alliance, Jana Sena party founder Pawan Kalyan appealed the people to vote for TDP and BJP for development of both telugu states. Pawan indicated to people that TDP is the right party to vote as that party can bring funds from the central government.Pawan Kalyan called Narendra Modi as a strong leader like Sardar Patel. He expressed confidence on Modi and said that Modi ji will lead the nation towards progress and development.

He also said that he entered into politics to question the politicians. It is already three months over after the party announcement. But we didn’t see any questions from Power Star. Many questions are being raised about the silence of Pawan Kalyan. The party that power star Pawan Kalyan floated just before the elections to question politicians.

The question now is where is the star and when will he question the politicians? There are many issues concerning problems of people, like price rise, power cuts. Pawan’s critics have been demanding that he should come out and start questioning. Pawan is nowhere to be seen, not even a presser nor a visit to console the victims of GAIL and Beas tragedy.

Pawan had promised that he would take the rulers to task if they failed to keep promises for Telugu states. Now that the BJP government made sharp hike in train fares, petrol prices and kerosene prices, where is Pawan, the political watchers are asking. Other side Chandrababu also failed to fulfill his pre-poll promises. Many are hoping that he would question Chandrababu and BJP government but nothing was happened till now.Pawan should think on these lines and he need to start question the governments otherwise people will question him soon.