Pawan For Movies, Chiru For Politics

Posted : March 27, 2014 at 9:33 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
As mega fans are divided over the political stand they should take at the time when Chiru is sailing with Congress and Pawan has floated his own Jana Sena, today some key decisions are made.

At the state-wide meeting of executive committee of ‘State Chiranjeevi Fans Association’ presided by Mega Brother Nagababu, it is declared that Chiru youth and Charan youth will support Pawan Kalyan as a cine-hero hailing from Mega family, but they will travel with Chiranjeevi when it comes to politics. Declaring that it is though personal about how each fan want to support Chiru or Pawan, but the fans association  leaders felt that Chiru needs support at this time of the hour.

‘It is not Chiranjeevi who ventured into politics, but it is we (fans) who created a ruckus in front of his house demanding him to enter politics. And now when our God is in trouble, it is not ethical to leave him and travel with someone (read Pawan)’, they said. ‘We’ll watch movies of Chiru, Pawan, Charan, Bunny, Sirish, Dharam and Varun alike, but we’ve decided to support Chiru in politics’, the fans association concluded.

Reacting on the same, even  Pawan Kalyan fans mentioned that they will be watching movies of Charan and other mega heroes alike, but they will travel with ‘Jana Sena’. So, Mega fans are divided by politics but united by movies.