Pawan Kalyan is reason for Power cut problems in state!!

Posted : June 5, 2014 at 10:49 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


There are many talented artists in the cine circuit who are endowed with skills but they don’t get their share of recognition. One such actor is Brahmaji. He has been part of many films since a while and has contributed effective .

Apart from his acting skills Brahmaji known for his witty tweets on social networking sites.Well, the senior actor came up with a tweet which goes like this “Power Star city lo lekapothe Power Cut chesesthara..?”

No sooner Brahmaji has tweeted these lines, a discussion has begun in the social media and otherwise also. The discussion is mainly focused on whether he was really worried about the power cuts or to grab craze among the Pawan Kalyan’s fans.

But those who know Brahmaji are quashing this saying “He is not someone who craves for attention, he put this just on a lighter vein.”

For sure it’s definitely the humorous angle in Brahmaji which forced him to put the tweet as the actor did it many times earlier.Moreover he is a proved actor and definitely he don’t have any need to attract someone using such type gimmicks and tricks.