Pawan intentionally puts Away Telangana Directors?

Posted : November 15, 2014 at 8:29 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Shocked! but the sources said that the reason behind Pawan rejecting the director for Gabbar Singh-2 after putting Sampath Nandi on hold for almost a year is because he is a Telangana person. The buzz is the discussion about kicking out Sampath from this project is making all curious to know the reason. Is the Telangana reason true?

Apparently, Sampath without working on any project and sticking to Gabbar Singh-2 has wasted one year and this could be an affect on his career. But why did Pawan kicked Sampath out? What do you think is the reason? However, Pawan always postponed the film’s news whenever asked and finally shocked all.

Pawan has truly done injustice is the buzz and say that after waiting for more than a year Sampath has been awarded nothing and wasted lot of his precious time and at a really financial loss. Sources added that Pawan is against Telangana people and so wanted to reject Sampath showing his unwillingness towards Telangana.

However, the truth is that Pawan is surely not kind of a person who is going to judge by region feelings. He will never be encouraging any thing of this kind and so these statements can surely be ruled out. But in case by chance if these prove to be true, Pawan is sure to lose the fan following in Telangana? What do you think about all this?