Pawan and Balayya @ Same Hidden Agenda

Posted : March 29, 2014 at 11:38 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Since last two days, the two major topics that are trending in state are #pawankalyan and #balayya. This is due to their appearances before public and the appeals they made. If Pawan did it in live, Balayya has done that through silver screen.

Pawan Kalyan’s Thursday speech is full of analogies about scamsters, corrupted politicians and the way Congress uses CBI to whip or lure its own MPs and MLAs. In the capacity of Jana Sena president, Pawan went on saying a practical example about how CBI upon the orders of Congress high command targeted an MP, and how they got fooled later. And in yesterday’s release ‘Legend’, even Balayya spoke about ‘winds of fan’ and how he could show his power to wipe such winds and fans away. There is no need to beat heads to break this rocket science styled hidden agenda.

Everyone who watched Pawan’s speech and Balayya’s Legend know that these two have targeted only one person whose party emblem gives a breeze of air, and who went to jail regarding some white collar scams. The question here is why Pawan and Balayya targeted him? Why did they have him as common enemy? Only they have to reveal!