An Open Letter to Jagan

Posted : April 28, 2014 at 8:39 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy,

I’m quite shocked and rather amused by your over-confidence that is visible, conspicuous in your very recent statement (during poll campaign in Telangana) that you are going to be the first Chief Minister of successor state of Andhra Pradesh (Seemandhra). You said that you will not neglect Telangana after becoming seemandhra CM. I’m sure you either must have cracked a joke or day-dreaming of becoming CM. Already, credible opinion polls predicted your defeat. Let me tell you more reasons why people won’t elect you.

Being accused of massive corruption charges, and most of it have substantial proofs against you, and amassing crores of unaccountable wealth with quid-pro-quo, you managed to walk out of jail on bail. It was not long ago that Enforcement Directorate has seized your Rs 863 Crore. Notwithstanding it, you declared your assets as Rs 416 crore in election affidavit. We knew that it’s just a tip of iceberg. You must have possessed much more assets than what you declared while filing your nomination. And yes, you’re willing to splurge it now ahead of elections to bring you back to power. You’re desperately trying to influence people with money, caste, religion and by misusing media. Your baseless, libelous news reports on your media house speak volumes of your greed for power. Your media is the only one on the earth which could directly refer your jail term as “Akrama Nirbhandhana” (Illegal Imprisonment) which means directly belittling Indian judiciary, law and demean investigating agencies like CBI, ED.

The irony of Indian politics is that politicians like you could still contest in elections. With shedding crocodile-tears and doing Odarpu Yatra, you are aspiring to occupy the throne inorder to. Very soon after the death of your dad-former CM, you tried your best to become successor by hook or crook. However, fortunately, it didn’t happen. I’d like to tell you Jagan, it’s time for you to focus on people’s plight. Power, position will definitely follow you if you think of people. But you don’t heed to common man. Forget about normal people, even bigwigs can’t meet you unless they pay crores of rupees as your party fund. This is why most of senior leaders stayed away from you and those who have joined you, some of them have already parted ways with you. Tall Leaders who were very close to your dad (KVP, Undavalli Arun Kumar, Lagadapati Rajagopal, Sabbam Hari, Tulasi Reddy) have distanced themselves knowing your attitude.

You even said that Sharmila would continue her Odarpu Yatra in Telangana after elections. This is certainly sounds funny. In first place, neither Telangana folks nor Andhra people don’t need your Odarpu (Sympathy). It’s you who need Odarpu as I’m pretty sure that you’re going to land in Jail very soon after this elections. I know it doesn’t make much difference to you. Despite being in jail for 16-long-months, you have learnt nothing. Of course you came out of jail after tie-up with Congress. You are still  desperate to become CM. Time and again you’re publicly reiterating your strong wish to become CM. Your dream would remain a dream not turn into reality until and unless you work hard for poor, common people.

Majority of people are not going to suffer again and they would like to teach a strong lesson to you. Since you haven’t done anything to State, our nation despite being Lok Sabha MP for 5 years. There is not even one single good-thing you could take credit for yourself. At least now, try to do something for people and ask for votes rather than banking on your father’s charishma, Reddy votes and Christian votes (Ironically you’d like to identify yourself as Reddy and Christian). If you could prove yourself well by sitting in opposition, people of Andhra Pradesh may consider you at least for the next elections. For now, leave it to TDP-BJP who are coming on development plank unlike you. Jagan, Good luck for 2019.

Nandagopal, Writer and Critic