One Big Disappointment in Race Gurram

Posted : April 12, 2014 at 7:23 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Trying out a new style of dialogue delivery and mannerism, no doubt Allu Arjun excelled in Race Gurram with his body language. The way he utters ‘Devuda’ word with an expression and his mix of class-mass kind of tone in confrontation scenes with villain are top class.

But the one big disappointment is that Bunny’s dance moves in the movie are not enthralling compared to his work in his previous films. His moves in films like Arya, Bunny, Happy, Arya 2 and Badrinath, are a treat to watch as the energetic hero has come up with different and new choreography. But here in Race Gurram, he picks up same floor movements, slightly modified. He tried to incorporate the kind of dances we see in ‘Step Up’ movie series, but they are not impressive.

Just the introduction song of hero, ‘Boochodu’ itself is disappointing as the song focuses more on the sexy female model performing but not hero Allu Arjun. Other songs are all okay but one never feels punch of his stunning dance movies. Why did you make you dance sleep Bunnny?