No Official Telangana V-Day – KCR

Posted : September 16, 2014 at 8:27 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


When it comes to the issue of Telangana sentiment CM KCR is extremely vocal. However all that is before becoming too power. Now that he grabbed power he and his government is facing on whether to celebrate September 17th, the day in which Telangana became part of Indian union.

But there are various opinions as MIM, Communists and others are branding it as Vidroha Dinam, while BJP is demanding celebrations as Vimochana Dinam. There are many who chose middle path as Vileena Dinam.

KCR’s own TRS till 2010 celebrated the day as Vimochana Dinam before changing track to celebrate as Vileena Dinam. TDP and BJP challenged KCR to celebrate the day officially as he did independence day from Golkonda Fort.

KCR however announced that there will not be any official celebrations but his party will celebrate the day in its office as Vileena Dinam. Analysts say TRS government took the decision so that not to hurt the sentiments of a section of people. But tensions may increase as BJP announced that it will celebrate Vimochana Dinam at Golconda Fort.