NTR Blood Bank’s Heart Touching Ad

Posted : October 28, 2014 at 11:01 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


If donating a cow (Go Daanam) or marrying off a girl (Kanya Daanam) is considered the greatest virtues in religious beliefs, the science and rationalist perspective is that Blood donation (Rakta Daanam) is the most precious and supreme. True to that, few film biggies of Tollywood keep doing their bit.

One such entity is the NTR Trust which has a blood bank and recently they came up with an ad that touched the hearts of many. Depicting two pairs of eyes of a woman and marking one pair with a drop of blood, the caption reads ‘Makes all the Difference’. It goes to show how even a single drop can change the lives of others.

The blood bank has been operating 24 X 7 and the ad has conveyed the essence in a very deep manner. The health experts have also reiterated that doing blood donation once in six months is very good for the body. This initiative from NTR Trust has created an impact for sure. Donate blood folks and experience the difference and happiness.