I am never an Actor : Mahesh bhatt

Posted : June 4, 2014 at 8:16 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Mahesh bhatt father of Alia Bhatt is revealing some new thing shidden dark inside him and he is happy that he finally found that he can act well in his reveal. He is currently working on films that can give him a special importance and said he would like to continue this field too if everything works fine for him.

“I have no illusions that I am an actor, by any stretch of imagination. I fitted this particular role. And I feel, when you cast a role right, half your job is done,” said Mahesh bhatt. Understanding of your cast and business does bring a certain amount of clarity to the role, as an actor and you land up enriching the material you are given to work around.”

Speaking about his film “Siddhartha’ is a very strong story of a person who has indulged I substance abuse and multiple partner relationship and is yet looking for enduring peace. This takes him to strange areas of life. He goes to mystics and lands up on the icy slopes of the Himalayas, where he finds sanctuary in a monastery. And that’s where my role is of a lama, who is a very practical person.”