Narendra Modi’s top 5 favorite Quotes and Sayings

Posted : May 20, 2014 at 8:35 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Today’s speech of Narendra Modi in Parliament is always a special one to watch and it is all a mixture of emotion, anger , hard work and lots more. Narendra Modi in his speech made many special lines and quotes, here are top 5 quotes he made in his life.

* Advani ji said Narendra Bhai has done us a favour. Please don’t use the word kripa (favour). A son doesn’t do a favour to his mother. A son works with dedication. I treat the BJP as my mother just as India is my mother. The party has done me a favour by giving me an opportunity to serve.

* You can see Modi not because Modi’s stature is very large. You can see Modi because the party’s senior leaders have hoisted me on their shoulders.

* It was said I was here (in Parliament) for the first time, this keeps happening to me. I saw the (Gujarat) Vidhan Sabha after I became the chief minister.

* A government should be one that works for the poor and this is why the new government is committed to the poor of the country and dedicated to the youth of the country as well as our mothers and daughters. The celebrations, excitement will go on but the era of responsibility has begun.

* We did not have the good fortune of fighting for India’s independence – we could not die for the country but we have been given an opportunity to live for this country.