Narendra Modi serious on KCR!

Posted : July 7, 2014 at 3:27 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


According to the most confidential sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is keenly watching on the happenings under TRS government. It is said that intelligence sources have sent reports that KCR government is keen on harassing settlers. A report clearly stated that KCR do not want settlers to continue in Hyderabad since they do not vote him at any cost. So is trying to get rid of them.

A report from the Governor and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister also confirmed harassment on settlers. TRS government is not reaching out to Center as Modi would have liked. So, the Prime Minister is on thinking on the lines of giving special powers to Governor over Hyderabad. The government which enjoys absolute majority in Lok Sabha is ready even to bring a bill or even constitutional changes on this issue.

According to the new rules, Appointment and transfers of Hyderabad and Cyberabad Police Commissioners, Ranga Reddy SPs will be looked after by the governor with opinions of both the state governments. Also ‘Joint Police Force’ will be formed. Experts say the government is indirectly working on the lines of making Hyderabad a Union Territory cutting the powers of the state government.