Naked truth about Fake Popularity on Facebook

Posted : July 4, 2014 at 2:34 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


There is no meter to gauge the popularity of a celebrity. A hero’s popularity and craze can be calculated by the openings of his film. But how to calculate the craze of a heroine or a singer or a music composer! Social networking websites have shown the way for celebrities to gauge their popularity through the amount of ‘Likes’ and “Followers” they get on that particular website.

However not everyone will be happy with what they ‘really’ get. They want the world to know that they are immensely popular and try to cash in on that false craze! There are particular websites that will make your follower count multiply on Twitter for a ransom. One popular young hero had to shut his Twitter account when people caught him red handed for having fake followers.

Same is the case with Facebook Likes. There are ways to get ‘Fake Likes’ for your page. You can have thousands of Likes in no time and can sell off yourself as a popular celebrity to people who don’t pay much attention to the detail. Loopholes on Facebook is giving scope for such celebrities to appear as bigger celebs than they actually are. Especially playback singers are finding ways to have Fake Likes as the competition is very high between them.

People will notice you by the amount of Likes you have on Facebook and offer stage shows and other shows accordingly. So they depend on the fake fan following. You may follow certain Telugu playback singers Facebook pages and find the truth for yourself. You can easily find the ‘Likes’ count bloating up within few days.

There is no need for someone to fake their popularity if one has confidence in his/her talent. Did the age old playback singers got noticed through Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers? Why to look cheap by creating false hype? Let your talent speak for yourself and the offers will follow along with the genuine fans!