Naidu pursues Aamir Khan Lagaan

Posted : June 17, 2014 at 10:28 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Andhra Pradesh Endowments Minister Pydikondala Manikyala Rao has directed the officials to request the Executive Authorities of all temples in the state to conducting “Varuna Japam” and “Viraata Parva Paaraayanam” to get better rains.

The minister said that suggestions were received by the government from religious experts in order to get better rains, to get good crops and also for the welfare of the people. It was advised that “Varuna Japam” and “Viraata Parva Paaraayanam” should be conducted in all important temples in the State. It was also suggested to perform “Sahasra Ghataabhishekam” in all important Saiva Temples.
Manikyala Rao said that it was suggested that it would be auspicious to start “Varuna Japam” and “Viraata Parva Paaraayanam” for three days from 7.30 AM on June 19 onwards. It was also auspicious to start “Sahasra Ghataabhishekam” in Sivalayams from 7.30 AM onwards on June 21.
People are making fun of these directions from AP government because this is a cinematic formula followed by Aamir Khan and team in Lagaan singing Kale Megha Kale Megha Paani To Barsaao…