Mystery on Anushka’s Jewellery Continues

Posted : July 22, 2014 at 2:19 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


The mystery surrounding the missing jewellery of Rudhramadevi movie continues as cops are unable to crack it yet. Even after two days of investigation, we hear, that there is no clue on who has stolen the jewellery.

Executive producer Ram Gopal has lodged a complaint with Gachibowli police two days ago that 1.5 Kg gold has been “stolen” from the shooting spot in Gopanpalli on July 19. The missing jewellery includes golden wasitblet (Vaddanam), two sets of Ear rings (Chevi Kammalu), bangles along with dummy jewellery.

As per reports, the missing jewellery were supposed to be worn by Anushka for the shooting and the jewellery is being sponsored by a Chennai jewellery shop. They have been doing this for the past six schedules. However, the jewellery was missing in the seventh schedule which commenced on July 19 itself. Even the jewellery shop was unable to give clarity on how much original gold lost and how much duplicate ornaments were lost. They said the cost of missing jewellery would be around Rs 30 Lakhs. Cops are taking this case as prestige and leaving no stone unturned to crack the case.