Music Director Blasts Director Openly

Posted : April 11, 2014 at 6:30 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Although it happened like a lighter vein incident, every single comment made by music composer Devi Sri Prasad simply shattered director Boyapati Sreenu’s mind for sure. Both DSP and Boyapati are a successful combo that delivered hits like Bhadra and Tulasi in the past and Legend now. But what exactly transpired between them?

Speaking at Legend success meet, Boyapati has actually slipped tongue if we have to believe. He stated, “I made Devi Sri sit perfectly for 14 days for re-recording without moving way. Also DSP never attends pre-mix and final-mix recording sessions, but for Legend we made sure he is there”. And before Boyapati could actually continue from there, DSP snapped the mike from him in a moment claiming that “Sir, you’re giving wrong information.”

Reacting heavily on what directors like Boyapati and others claim that they have extracted brilliant output from DSP, the young composer said, ” We are not cows for someone to extract milk. I compose a tune in the way I get, and directors will either select it or reject it. If they reject it, I respect their opinion and will compose another one.” Stressing on the way he works, DSP says, ” Cinema is my passion and music is first love. There is no need for someone to motivate me to work for days and nights. If I commit for a project, I’ll definitely work like a factory. No need of any force on me, as I know what my job is.” Reacting sharply all the time, DSP still made a point that he is talking positively and want everyone to understand in same spirit about his hard work.

At the end,  Boyapati tried to pacify DSP by saying that even he is also talking about the music director’s hard work only. But damage is done and message is passed already. Surprising is this, as these talks happened in front of Balayya, Jagapathi Babu and the whole of Telugu media.