Why is HE mum about his Personal Life?

Posted : April 16, 2014 at 3:25 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
After trying all the tricks in the book, now Congress is targeting Mr. Modi for keeping his personal life a secret. Usually, Modi will counter the attack either through twitter or in political rallies, but on this ‘one’ issue, he hasn’t responded till now. All hell broke lose, when he filled his election form by filing the column of ‘wife’ with a name Ms. Jashoben, who are living separately for decades. So even aggressive Modi, is unable to explain, why he kept this issue under wraps in the last three elections, where he won the Gujarat gaddi. Although, it was raised in Gujarat elections, but first time, its been discussed in national poll scene.

Do you think, that Congress has scored a brownie point, by raising this issue and will Election Commission can take action, to help their cause in stopping Modi’s juggernaut. Or will his popularity wanes, if women voters, developing second thoughts about voting BJP PM-candidate or just will not affect his standing.

With women activists also accusing Modi of male-chauvinism, the personal issues is surely taking a curious turn and Modi’s silence is raising more doubts, than clearling it. Has Congress found a ‘sensitive issue’ to nail Mr. Modi or will their attack work or not, only time will tell. Or massive Indian voters have already decided their PM candidate after May 16th?