Mr KTR, what is the Solution?

Posted : October 8, 2014 at 12:40 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Kalvakuntla scion and IT Minister for Telangana KTR has lashed out at opposition TDP leaders. KTR questioned Telangana TDP leaders “loyalty” for Telangana sentiment and why they’re “still” continuing in an “Andhra party”. KTR blamed “10-yr Congress rule and earlier TDP governemnt” for the present power crisis in the state and said both the successive governments are totally responsible for the acute power shortage in Telangana.

Needless to say that this is completely a “political” and “electoral” statement. In fact, KTR’s statement is conspicuously strange as how come Telangana region didn’t have this much intensity of power problem during their (TDP & Congress) tenure? That apart, before the state’s division, the TRS party had admitted on record that “bifurcation” would result in power crisis for Telangana and openly claimed that “we know how to bring power to our state. Carve out our state and we’ll govern ourselves. We’ll buy power from neigbouring states or we’ll opt for alternative measures.”

People have believed in TRS and voted it to power. Howvever, TRS did a big volte-face and took a U-turn post elections. Unable to handle the power situation well, government has now announced Power Holiday (no power supply two days a week) to industries which will come into force from Wednesday (today). TRS is now indulging in “blame game” and “passing the buck” to previous governments.  Rather than blaming or pointing fingers at others, Minister should say what is the solution they’re going to show. And why is T-government keeping tight lipped now? What are the measures the government is taking to resolve the issue on priority basis? Mr KTR, with all due respect, we need answers, but not questions. Please tell us sir, what is the solution? Daily power cut of six hours in towns and cities and 12 hours in villages definitely don’t go well with people.