Modi’s Mark; Words Speak Louder than Actions?

Posted : September 9, 2014 at 10:39 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


‘Actions speak louder than words’ is a popular idiomatic expression in English. However, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi appears to have reversed this idiom as ‘Words speak louder than actions.’ The biggest difference between the former PM, Manmohan Singh and Modi is that the former PM doesn’t know how to talk with the people, especially, with the masses. So he remained to have been kept mum, and silently has done his mark as a PM.

However, Modi appears to have known all sorts of methods and measures to woo the masses. Being a good orator, Modi is mesmerizing the people through his words and lectures to the people. But then, when it comes into an action, people faced no big difference in the present and the past governments.

After elections, there was hike in the price of daily commodities, vegetables, railway charges etc. On one hand, Modi says he would bring back the black money from other countires. On the other hand, AAP’s head Kejriwal is alleging that the BJP is indulging in corruption methods to get their party’s MLAs. Hearing all these criticisms and allegations, the BJP’s supporters have laughed at the critics and affirmed that the BJP would bring the change and they would need some time for it.