Modi Made Me Lose 10 Years: Director

Posted : May 21, 2014 at 3:05 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Irrespective of his hits or flops, Ram Gopal Varma is always considered as a star director for the kind of comments he makes at any celebrity, politician or movie. Standing tall among other critics, Ramu’s critical remarks sometimes look funny but still have a deeper meaning.

“Cinematically a few years back Modi used to look like a supporting actor in front of Advani, Jaitley etc and now they look like junior artistes (in front of Modi),” says RGV, pointing out how India’s new Prime Minister evolved in time. But the director feels that Narendra Modi took too much time to become PM making people suffer for years. “If Modi ws PM since 2004 instead of Mum Mohan (Manmohan Singh), my life as citizen would have been far better and I hate Modi for making me lose 10 years of quality life,” he added. In fact, RGV pointed out how much difference Modi would have made if he had PM long back.

Like all other admirers of Narendra Modi, even RGV is quite excited of the new Prime Minister, but problem is that he wants to express his feelings in a twisted way rather coming out straight. That’s Ram Gopal Varma for you folks!