‘Mega Fans’ War gets ugly

Posted : March 25, 2014 at 11:58 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Pawan Kalyan’s launch of new political outfit Jana Sena has resulted in dividing the fans of mega heroes into two groups. Pro Chiranjeevi and Pro Pawan groups are fighting against each other everywhere. This is getting nasty and uncontrollable as fans from both the groups are abusing the same heroes whom they have worshipped until few days ago.

Fans that belong to same fans associations have also split now. They are attacking each other verbally and physically in some cases, say the buzz. Pawan Kalyan is not entertaining Chiranjeevi and Charan fan clubs and Chiranjeevi has allegedly sent a message to all his ‘exclusive’ fans to not to support Pawan in anyway.

With the heroes themselves treating fans as separate groups, there is no one to control them at the moment. It is high time Megastar and Powerstar to send a clear message to fans to avoid fighting. This ugly war may affect upcoming movies from mega family heroes. Mega heroes were ruling the roost all these days as fans were united. But this divide due to politics might hamper the collections of their future films too.