Media Used Her Name For TRP?

Posted : October 18, 2014 at 9:46 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


The ideal role of a media establishment is to ensure that truth is given to the common man. But in India, the definition of media has changed in the last few decades. It is more about molding it as a business entity and a source of clout for getting works done. So, the root for generating revenue out if it is through TRP.

In an attempt to get those TRP ratings, media entities tend to come up with different ways and means. Here is one such example. It is known that power star Pawan Kalyan met the thirteen year old girl Sreeja, a patient of terminal tumor. Everywhere, a lot of hungama happened not just for PK’s act but also for the name of the girl.

In the first moment of hearing the name, many got reminded of Chiranjeevi’s daughter. It was only after few moments they realized that she is actually ‘Make A Wish’ Sreeja. Her last wish is to see Pawan Kalyan. Akin to his nature, Pawan has given two lakhs, few toys and spoke to the doctors about her well being. He also promised to meet her once she recovers. While this was happening on one side, Sreeja’s name was highlighted strongly by the media for TRP rating for obvious reasons.