Has media lost its objectivity?

Posted : March 19, 2014 at 10:03 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
No doubt, the much-hyped 2014 elections has also unnecessarily dragged media into controversy for its overhyping few individuals and almost branding them, without balancing it. We could see few English channels determination to promote Mr. Modi as the best  alternative and a top Telugu channels going overboard to promote Pawan’s political party, which didn’t even taken off,  raises doubts about the media’s objectivity and does Kejriwal has a point, when he says that few media houses are ‘biased’.

Although, we negate his baseless allegation that print and electronic media is corrupt, but needs to debate the his moot point- did few media houses become biased in this elections. Already, a bunch of surveys showed that BJP is sweeping elections but in ground it is unable to stitch alliances and doesn’t even have presence south and east India. Adding to it, even local and party-driven channels and print are tearing their political opponents to pieces, mercilessly, without valuing their opponents on ‘merits’ and ‘demerits’ and almost brodering to character assassination, which wasn’t such worse in previous elections. Do you think few media houses are ‘playing up few individuals’ instead of impartially reporting news and political strength of various indivisuals in the fray.

Such unprofessional reporting that borders on sensationalism, triggering doubts, in the minds of crores of viewers, who are no relying on media opinion to cast their votes. Along with hectic ‘tamasha’ on TV, even few leading Telugu newspapers are immersed in trivializing politicking, instead of questioning and examining individuals on ethical grounds-a journalist has no friends or enemies and only job is to report facts unbiased. But with corporate houses who are pumping in thousands of crores of rupees and influencing reporting, then it doesn’t augur well for democracy. Do you choose decide whom to vote- on the basis of hyped media reporting or you deeply study his personality and policy, before inking your finger and is time for media to introspect a bit.?