No Marriages on Aug 19 – KCR ??

Posted : August 6, 2014 at 10:47 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies

After asking everyone in Telangana to stay at their homes in native villages in on August 19, Telangana government is now telling its people to postpone all functions, including marriages that are scheduled for Tuesday. To all the late comers, Chief Minister KCR had earlier called for the State-wide Survey in Telangana on Aug 19 and has asked all to present at their homes. He asked everyone to push the dates of functions if they’re slated for August 19. Guess what’s the answer KCR told? ‘Since this is Shravana Masam, it’s not so hard to find another muhurat. Everyone must stay at their homes on that day. Even I don’t step out of my residence,’ averred KCR.

Threatening that people who disobey this would not be able enlist their name, KCR ordered everyone to obey this. We hear that August 20 is reported as auspicious day and there are a lot of weddings booked on August 20. So, it’d be mostly impossible to skip the pre-marriage events to be held a day before wedding. Meanwhile, reacting on Supreme Court’s verdict on Engineering admissions, he said that Telangana government would present its arguments on the issue before Apex Court on August 11. Let’s see how many people will follow T-government’s orders.