Manoj And Priyanka’s 90 Second Lip-Lock

Posted : June 24, 2014 at 12:41 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Who said that criminals don’t have heart and they too will lock lips with their spouses? Award winning director Sunil Kumar Reddy is now coming up with another ‘sensational’ film this time with more adult content induced. Check this story.

Sunil Kumar Reddy made interesting movies like Gangaputrulu and Oka Romantic Crime Katha. But all those films are just award winners but not reward getters. Citing this as a reason, he is now turned his mind towards something explicit and is coming up with ‘Oka Criminal Prema Katha’ where hero turned child-artist Manoj Nandam is playing lead. In a scene for the movie, Manoj and heroine Priyanka Pallavi are seen locking their lips for more than 90 seconds, the longest till date for Telugu flicks of the recent years.

Interesting fact is that final take of Manoj and Priyanka’s lip locking lasted for 90 seconds only, but the time consumed to conceive this shot is nearly 8 hours. Being newcomers, these two took much time to shed inhibitions and get the kissing right. Anyway, is censor board going to duck their eye over this?