The Man Who Killed Laden Revealed

Posted : November 7, 2014 at 6:44 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Navy Seal Commando who executed dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden, AlQueada chief and mastermind of dastardly twin tower strike on 9/11, in a deadly and daring strike in Pakistan has been hailed as hero by many people across the world for many years.

However US kept his identity as secret due to security concerns involved over his life. However The commando himself who shot Osama Bin Laden three times on his head at his secret home in Abbottabad, Pakistan on 2nd May,2011 decided to come out and give an interview later this month.

Rob O’Neill, 38 year old Navy SEAL have been honoured 52 times for completing more than 400 top missions. He is the most decorated Navy SEAL officer and his heroics have been portrayed in Hollywood films like Captain Phillips, Zero Dark Thirty and Lone Survivor.

Tom O’Neill, father of Rob said people ask them whether they are worried about ISIS and he said he would paint a big target on his house and dare them to hit it. Rob revealed he joined forces after his teenage romance went wrong. He was in active combats in Iraq, Afghanistan and other two warring zones.