Mahesh’s Flops Became Classics Now?

Posted : July 11, 2014 at 7:47 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Apparently Mahesh Babu has delivered some stunning flops that disappointed his fanbases many a times. To our surprise, all those films are now looking like classics whenever watched on TV or internet. People rave about the scenes from Mahesh’s movies and many take some dialogues of him as base for new stories.

For example if we take Khaleja, the Trivikram directorial bombed at box office during the time of its release. But when it is aired on TV or when someone watches clips from the flicks on Youtube, they get goose bumps. Mahesh’s stunning modulation in many comedy and fights scenes is acting like ‘references’ for heroes who want to become superstars. The way he changed modulation in same scenes with Anushka are top notch. Also the whole concept of Khaleja, God is nothing but helping nature of man, is really connecting well with everyone.

And if we have to talk about another flopbuster ‘1 Nenokkadine’, some scenes like Mahesh talking about how he remembers his parents because of his ‘pain’, and the concept of ‘dreaming’ someone from his dark past are awesome when watched on TV. Like the say a wine gets better with time, Mahesh’s movies are looking like classics when watched on TV though they didn’t do well in theatres. What’s the reason for this magic?

Many say that only ‘over’ expectations and poor release dates has done gross injustice to these flicks. Also makers have promoted Khaleja as serious action movie when the flick is about philosophy and comedy. If they have promoted ‘1 Nenokkadine’ as a psychological thriller, surely fans would have expected something in that direction. That’s the story folks!