This Leading Anchor Got Into His Show Too

Posted : October 13, 2014 at 4:03 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Once an artiste becomes successful, then both the television people and film people make sure that the person is used to the extent that the audience no longer wants to see them. Right now, Suma is one person who is being much sought after as a game show host and as an anchor for various film and television programmes.

Well, one must surely appreciated her hard work and sincerity. She has recently joined the team of Soundarya Lahari being telecast on ETV. Initially, the makers of the programme signed a different anchor. But looks like Suma felt bad that she was not part of such a huge show which has K Raghavendra Rao breaking 70 years of his silence on camera. Wonder what strategy she came up with, Suma made sure she had the anchor replaced and took over the show from her.

While many hoped that the show will have some prominent people walking in to share Raghavendra Rao’s experiences with them, they are mighty disappointed that Suma is spoiling the show with her cheap sense of humour. We hope Suma tones down her act and let Raghavendra Rao go about narrating his personal experiences.