Keeravani Worked With Fools in Tollywood!!!!

Posted : October 28, 2014 at 7:34 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Senior Music director, melody brama MM Keeravani who earlier shocked everyone by announcing his prior retirement date is again shocked everyone by making sensational comments on film fraternity. It is an open secret that film fraternity contains different people with different options, cheap politics, cut-price business tricks, etc but most of the popular celebrities in industry will not open up about their colleague’s offensive behavior in public.

But, one of the softest natured people in industry Keeravani comments shocked many. In an interview to top most TV channel on Today, Keeravani said I felt difficult work with fool people in industry not for composing tunes. He said, “I worked with many fools in industry who doesn’t know how to behave their colleges, they never try to known the sensitiveness of music director”.

He added, “I felt bad many times that i have been working with that kind of fool for many times”. He concluded as, “It is tough to compose simple tunes rather than making fast beat”. He earlier announced that his first song was recorded in Chennai on December 9, 1989, on the same day he decided to retire in 2016.