KCR’s ‘Aparichitudu’ Act With Babu!

Posted : October 6, 2014 at 6:39 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


One of the main reasons why the film ‘Aparichitudu’ worked is due to the total contrasting nature of the protagonist Vikram. But don’t think this happens only in films. If you look at politicians, you can find many. Right now, some political critics and analysts say the act of KCR with Chandrababu Naidu reminded them of ‘Aparichitudu’.

Well, the traditional ‘Alai Balai’ program hosted by BJP MP Bandaru Dattatreya was fun and frolic but an unexpected moment came when the TS CM KCR who took part in the program was about to leave and came face to face with the AP CM Chandrababu. At that moment, KCR hugged Naidu warmly with a rare smile. That was a moment of cheer for many Telugu people.

But before that happiness was to be relished, KCR went to his plenary meeting where he came down heavily on Naidu. It is heard that he blasted Naidu for stopping power to Telangana and cutting its development. He criticized Naidu heavily on various aspects. Whether he has done that to prove he has not softened his stand or he was prepared for it before the ‘Alai Balai’ incident, it sure has grabbed attention of many on a negative note.