KCR warns TV9, andhrajyothi

Posted : June 13, 2014 at 8:39 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Media has to work like a connecting bridge between one pillar (government) to other pillar (public). A media channel or paper should take problems of a CM (common man) to CM (chief minister). However, the same media has today become commercial and are concentrating only on sensation creating news that provides highest TRP ratings. Even journalists and reporters are running after breaking news. Where the yellow media is heading to?

K Chandrasekhar Rao is a villain for Telugu people of one state, where in he is real hero in other Telugu speaking state. Luckily, Telugu people of both the states are behaving like brothers and are trying to collapse the distance created by politicians. But, few channels are still seeing both the states differently.
TV9 channel which has become popular by telecasting breaking news has shown Telangana legislative members in deprived manner. Few newly elected MLAs from Telangana region panicked and made some tiny mistakes out of fear during their first swearing-in ceremony. The channel used foul language while mentioning about those Telangana MLAs. What will these uneducated MLAs do with laptops provided by government, says the channel bulletin.
KCR reacted strongly and warned the channel stating to take severe action. The Telangana CM said, “Few people who are against Telanagana state formation are cornering Telangana leaders and people. According to them we are uneducated. They made us to learn modern civilization. How can they cook up stories stating them as my own statements? We are seriously concerning about this issue and would take firm rules against media like in Tamil Nadu.”
None cares if the media had targeted only KCR and other leaders by exposing their blunders, if they had committed any. But a common man in Telangana questions, how could they show Telangna people in bad light? How this is going to affect affiliation of the Telugus in both the states?