KCR strategic move on TDP MLAs of Hyd ?

Posted : July 21, 2014 at 2:13 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


KCR is striking at YSR once again and paying the YSR men by their own coin. He declared that all the lands in Hyderabad and elsewhere regularized under GO 166 would be reviewed on the beneficiary count and rescinded if necessary and found that the big wigs had got the lands share and not the poor for whom it was meant to be.

Telangana CM says that 12 lakh to 16 lakh square feet of land in Hyderabad was illegally regularized to benefit encroachers with political clout. ‘You occupy govt land and later claim regularization’ says a political analyst, indicating that many political leaders of Hyderabad were involved.

About 400 to 700 acres have been regularized in this fashion from 2008 onwards on the authority of GO 166 issued by YSR govt on the eve of the General elections. That is how  YSR twisted the arm of several Senior TDP leaders and got them into Congress then.

A smart political strategist now KCR is using the same stick to beat his opponents. No wonder many present and former city MLA’s and MLC’s and also MP’s of opposition parties  vying to fall at KCR feet and buy peace and escape penalties and jail.