KCR set for unfair relationship?

Posted : March 31, 2014 at 10:18 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
TRS chief KCR’s ambitions to become the Chief Minister is getting desperate and he doesn’t mind joining hands with BJP, after ridiculing to the saffron party for the last 1 decade, during the agitation. KCR finds them good persons, because they are not opposing his demand to be named as the CM-candidate and will go any extent. Its almost Konda Surekha, who spit venom on KCR and TRS for years, before taking the pink kandwa to get a seat. KCR after hobnobbing wtih Congress and assured to even merge TRS after statehood, now took U-turn and demanding CM’s post. Despite the region is dominated by backwards classes, but forward caste leader KCR, is trying to rule them.

He once described Congress as a ‘dorala party’ (feudal lords) and assured to appoint a Dalit as CM but now a feudal himself wants to rule lower-caste people along with his son, daughter and nephew. To keep himself and family in power, he is tappin the doors of erstwhile enemy camp (BJP) and Telangana people would be watching his unfair relationship with skepticism and doubt. To show himself a pro-poor party, he held talks with CPI but later, shunned the alliance, since workers class is asking more seats. Above all, he even sidelined JAC leaders and student leaders who fought for the separate statehood and just nominally gave tickets to handful in both the segments and again back-stabbed the trust of students and JAC leaders, who are joining Congress, since they are fuming for admitting ms. Konda Surekha, anti-agitation activist.

Surely, this elections, has exposed KCR, to Telangana people, who backed him to the hilt for the last 10 years, but now they seeing a different dimension of the seasoned politician. Who is looking captue power at any cost, instead of taking all the organizations, that helped him in the struggle to get separate state. Its high time, he changes tacks and gives people who struggled their due respect or Telangana people will teach TRS a lesson, says a political analyst.