KCR, The perfect politician

Posted : May 10, 2014 at 8:40 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Understanding the politicians is never in the reach of a common man’s capability. They are angry, emotional, talkative, divisive, deceiving, aggressive and leading. But honestly they are hungry for power and all other qualities are attained by their hunger. Not many politicians have all of these qualities but KCR.

Fourteen years back he started a party just after he didn’t get the Ministry in TDP government. He started an agitation for the separate state along with other student communities. Later the agitation is joined by many other parties and also many politicians joined his party. Clear need for KCR is power where as for the people its growth and development and thus the new state. He did many strikes and dharnas by agitated students and party workers. At one point of time he announced the merger of his party in congress if separate state is given. Congress party, eluded by this offer, thought about new state. Congress party announced Telangana and cleared in the parliament in a dramatic fashion. KCR also agreed for many clauses in the bill though he is publicly denying. New state was a big achievement for KCR and also for the agitated students.

But KCR took all the credit for it. Once Congress high command rejected the KCR’s CM candidature, he announced that there will be no merger. He started announcing himself as CM candidate and his party as political party. Now the telangana state is formed which is a sole agenda for his party, everybody thought there will be no agenda. He started communicating to telangana people that congress has not given telangana they wanted but conditional Telangana. Only he and his party can build new telangana. He not only ignored students who fought for the new state but also his party members. Many politicians from other parties joined him. He thrashed Congress, BJP, TDP and every other party except MIM in his campaigns.

Given all kinds of promises to the people of telangana which are possible only with the revenue of the entire Andhrapradesh and another 20years. Never agreed that congress has given Telanagana but his party enforced them. Now that elections are done, Knowing that TRS may not get sure majority, started wooing other parties by praising Sonia Gandhi, MIM and Jagan though he continuous to go against TDP. All the while, he is in constant touch with NDA for obvious benefits in and out of state. Changing so many colours makes him a The perfect politician. But does the results will be in his favour and can he also become a good leader and support telangana build these are questions only time can answer.