KCR mind games for CM post

Posted : April 16, 2014 at 9:31 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
The Telangana unit of Bharatiya Janata Party has accused TRS President K Chandrasekhar Rao of indulging in pure ‘mind games’ for coming to power.
In a media statement, BJP Telangana State Media Convener Krishna Saagar Rao said that KCR’s speech at Nizamabad on Tuesday looked more like a ‘Monologue of a CM’ than an election campaign speech. “If sheer assumptions can make KCR a CM, anyone can become a CM in these elections,” he said.
Krishna Saagar Rao said that KCR was conveniently forgetting that in 2009 elections, he was a partner with TDP in ‘Mahaa Kutami’.  Now KCR is questioning BJP’s alliance with ‘a politically convenient memory’, he said. “Running a State and that too, a new State is not as easy as operating an organization-less party like TRS from a farm house. KCR and his party has Zero Experience to govern a State,” he said.
The BJP leader alleged that Congress in Telangana lacks leadership. They are totally busy in internal squabbles on 24/7 basis. “Congress is not a poor man’s party any more. It is a multiple CM’s party. There are around 7 to 10 CM aspirants who are trying to defeat each other. Congress does not need opposition parties. They have enough opposition within themselves,” he allegd.
Krishna Saagar Rao said that by only indulging in personal attacks and not having any plan for the development of the state of Telangana, Congress is totally direction less in this elections.
“The BJP coalition is experiencing the surge from the bottom rungs, the voters are preparing to vote for ‘Experience & Good Governance’. It has able leadership both at the State and Central level and the people of the state of Telangana are recognizing that. The BJP with the best possibility of forming the central government at Delhi, will be the suitable party along with its coalition partner TDP to govern the state, is the resolution of the voter today & is emerging very fast for the upcoming elections,” he said.