KCR Blasts on TV9 & ABN

Posted : September 9, 2014 at 7:10 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Telangana CM KCR gave strong warning to media and also those who talk about freedom of press. Speaking at the centenary celebrations of Kaloji in Warangal he spoke extensively on media and freedom to press. 

He said even today he saw some people carrying placards demanding media freedom. He said he is not against freedom to press as long as they behave in a democratic and responsible manner. 

He said right from the formation of Telangana, from day 1, the two channels published and aired negative news against not only him but also Telangana speaker and other members and also entire State. 

He said he do not care if anyone writes negative about him but will not tolerate if they write dis respectable stuff against Telangana representatives, Assembly and State. 

He said though his Government didnot give laptops, media wrote that he gave laptops to members and they gave it to their relatives. He said even Speaker was insulted. He recollected how on the first day when entire Telangana was celebrating new state formation, media wrote that it looked as if people who witness films in touring talkies came to multiplexes. 

He warned that if they write comments like ‘paachikallu taage mokalu’, he will not keep lying down but warned ‘padikilomeetarla lotuna paatara vestam’. He asked people not to play idiot games wearing media masks.